Demo Tracks

I’m mainly in charge of top-liner, beat & track maker, and lyricist only in Japanese pops for electronic, EDM, R&B, etc.
Please check my demo (sample) tracks here and what music Acky makes.

No.01 Electronic Pop with Piano Riffs

This is an electro pop (EDM) that pushes the sadness to the front.
Mainly used for ads on TV, short videos, and theme for anime.

No.02 Sadness Rock with pop feeling

Highly inspired by Billie Eilish.
Electronic rock with acoustic sounds.

No.03 Future Bass meats Chiptune sounds

Basic future bass and added some taste of chiptune.
Lovely synth lead makes feelings like cyber punk and Dystopia.

No.04  EDM with Indian feelings 

Aggressive EDM (Dubstep) with some feelings of Indian instruments.

No.05  Old school HIPHOP

This is like 90s HIPHOP like Beastie boys.
I’m really good at making unique bass line, coz I’m a bassist 🙂

No.06  R&B style with trap beats

Dark and smooth R&B track, suitable for drama theme, like “Power (TV series)” produced by Courtney A. Kemp in collaboration with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Prime 21.

No.07  Halloween Style

It’s spooky and weird, but pop and catch track suitable for Halloween.

No.08  Zedd Style EDM

This is an EDM track with beautiful melodies and Zedd taste.
Love this kind of Heavy piano sounds.

No.09 Japanese Pop for Anime Theme

It’s a Japanese Pop for Anime theme song.
I used to make these tracks for over 100 songs in a year.

No.10 BGM track for IT solution company

It’s a short track for an ad video which introduce an IT company.

No.11 BGM for Spring Collection of an accessory shop

I made this track for an accessory shop, and they used this in a short video of ads for their new Spring collection.

Please Let me know what you want

I can make original tracks which is perfectly suit for you and your images.
Let’s talk and tell me what music you want!