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You can request me to make your original music.
I make tracks mainly for singers, rappers, and artists, and of course make production music suitable for short videos, TV series, movies, and ads.
I’m a full-time self-employed music producer.
Let me know all interesting projects anytime you want.

I’m in Japan, and want to use e-mail for any communications to overcome time differences.

For securely transactions, use only PayPal.

Please pay a fee by the end of deals just to avoid unpaid problem.

My production skills

Good at making…
POPS (Piano-Pop, Electronic, Band-Style, etc)
HIPHOP (Trap, Old School, Emo, Lo-Fi etc)
EDM (Future Bass, Vaporwave, Bigroom, Electro House, Chill, etc)
Bad at making…
Nursery, Folk, Jazz, Classic, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Various uses


Available on Audiostock

Some of my tracks as royalty free music are available on Audiostock, the biggest stock music platform in Japan.

You can check and try them easily before you ask me.
Let’s go below!

Can't wait!

Thank you so much for visiting this page.
I hope you have interesting me, and can’t wait to help you and your projects!!